Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Qualifed College Graduate Seeking Employment Position


Ashley K. Underwood ([Select A Contact Type])

Austin, TX 78745

Email: aunderw@acad.stedwards.edu
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Qualifed College Graduate Seeking Employment Position

College graduate having earned a bachelors degree in communications with emphasis in public relations and advertising from Saint Edward's University is actively aspiring for a position utilizing her communication skills.

Graduation Date: December 15th 2007


-Inspired Streams_Advertising Assistant to the Executive Advertising Coordinator December 2007- August 2007 Created and designed advertisments for local disbursment as well as assisted with weekly company meetings. I was also responsible for coordinating executive staff schedules, organizing the clientele directory, and assisted in the quarterly fashion shows.

-St. Edward's Campus Ministry_Assistant to Senior Father Richard Wilkinson November 2005- September 2006

Organized ministry records, and files. Assisted in Campus Ministry events. Organized chapel function including daily mass. Designed and implemented weekly schedules.

-HCA Gulf Coast Division_Executive to Diana Boswell chief Recruiter October 2004- August 2005

Organized and coordinated schedules for executive staff including confrences and meetings. Disbursed daily schedule to all staff. Greeted and oriented clients. General data entry and office filing. Maintained calendar and daily agenda for seven recruiters.


  • Knowledge of Web 2.0

  • Creation of podcast using dream catcher

  • Creation of viral video using IVIDEO

  • Knowledge of microsoft office, powerpoint, excel, outlook, and photoshop

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Multimedia Acomplishments

Viral Video



Poll Vaulting

People like to make their voices heard-especially when it only takes a minute or two to participate. It’s no wonder at all that more organizations are using online polls to get a “one-up” on research and feedback from their audience.

Most poll creating tools are inexpensive, fast and easy-to-use. Online polls allow an organization a quick method for market research, and they also keep the audience engaged. This type of audience interactivity is also more enjoyable when compared with the intrusive feeling that pop-up ads may stimulate, or the invasive qualities of spam.

By conducting polls on multiple audiences, one may better understand different perspectives on a subject. Also, running the same poll on a regular basis may enable an organization to identify and track trends in their target market. There are a number of other ways to use polls to provide an organization with specified information about any area of their choosing. Online polls are one more form of social media that, due to their many advantages and growing popularity, should be considered by an organization.

Social Bookmarking = More Traffic??

In April 1996, the concept of sharing online bookmarks was launched with the publishing of itList.com. This concept allowed users to store, organize, share and even search bookmarks of web pages via this online bookmark service. As the concept matured and increased in popularity over the years, some services added extra features to enhance user experience.

The fact that social bookmarking is not widely known as a “traffic increase method” (for both web sites and blogs) sparked inspiration to say a few words on the subject. When this method is applied correctly, it can spread your links at an extremely fast pace. The traffic generated from this method will also be highly targeted and you will notice many returning visitors. If you are looking for new ways to increase traffic to your web site or blog, I highly recommend looking into how to develop such an effective system.

Why Blog?

Okay, so it’s all the craze! Everyone’s doing it!

Now, aside from it becoming the “ever so increasingly popular, trendy thing to do” among businesses, what exactly are the real benefits and advantages that blogging can provide an organization? I mean what would you say to the business owner, who is not concerned so much with trends, and really wants to know the nitty-gritty details about blogging?

I was involved in such a situation just a few days ago. I was discussing my enrollment in this course with another, who knew very little about the subject (blogging), and he asked me exactly the previously mentioned question. Stumbling around on my words, I managed to rattle off a few things, but I really wanted to be able to answer the question more intelligently. This prompted me to actually sit down, read, think, and write a better answer to that question.

Here is a list that I assembled of a few excellent benefits and advantages that blogs can provide to an organization.

Blogs can:
Ø Give you increased presence on major search engines.
Ø Allow you to build personal, long-lasting relationships with your viewers (customers, employees, etc.)
Ø Provide a way for you to speak directly and honestly with your viewer.
Ø Serve as another brand building tool.
Ø Allow you to set yourself apart from the competition.
Ø Provide a means for managing your reputation online.
Ø Enables you to articulate your knowledge and viewpoints, positioning you as expert.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Second life in Org Comm

For the past week Stephanie Poole-Martinez's Organizational Communication class has been meeting in a virtual classroom in Secondlife during our scheduled class time. The classroom looks a lot like any other physical classroom does with desks a podium and even a place for you to upload power points in the virtual world.
Though this concept is new and exciting here are of course several kinks that need to be worked out. It is hard for Stephanie to get the classes attention at times because students are flying around and experimenting with gestures like dancing and bowing. Another issue associated with the virtual classroom is that the way to communicate with everyone is set up much like a chat room where there is one large conversation going on but you also have the capability to privately message people in the class one on one. Which at time makes the conversation hard to follow and easy to miss out on important information. One last thing that I found distracting was that if classmates "teleport" in late they land in the middle of the classroom disrupting the class.
There are also many benefits to the virtual classroom, for example being behind a computer I noticed that my classmates that are generally on the shyer side felt more comfortable speaking and contributing to the class discussion. Another upside to the virtual classroom is the freedom that you can accesses it anywhere. People who work or have a family or even disability or dont feel well wouldnt have to miss class because they can access it from their own home, office etc.

Keep Austin Weird

This is our viral video promoting the "keep Austin weird" campaign
that focuses on buying from and utilizing local businesses and services
Hope you like it